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Long pieces of woven fabric, these come in differing lengths, fabric blends and colours. These can be used from newborn through to preschool and beyond, for front, back and hip carries. Such a versatile carrier can fit any sized wearer and offers great support to them and the child. However, it can take time and patience to perfect the art of tying.

Most people find a 5 or 6 a useful starter size, which is roughly 4.2-4.6m in length. This is the size of wrap you can complete a Front Wrap Cross Carry in and is known as your “Base size”.

As with ring slings it is often easier to start by using a striped wrap as then one can tighten stripe by stripe to perfect a tight hold. They also vary in fabric composition- a cotton wrap is a good starter but for a bigger child linen or hemp can make a sturdier carrier.

Wraps can be very expensive if one goes for limited edition handwovens but many companies make bargain wraps which are great as starter ones and cost under fifty pounds.

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We have lots of Workshops for beginner and experienced sling wearers coming up over the next few months. They’re a great way to learn how to use and get the most out of your sling, as well as meeting other parents. Check our calendar for events.