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Carrier of the Month - Beco Gemini Cool

By Susie Cooke, Babywearing Consultant, Helix Baby


Weight – from 7 to 35lb (approx newborn – 2 years)

Positions – front inward facing, front outward facing, hip and back carrying

Straps – cross and rucksack straps

Fabric: 100% polyester. Panel: breathable mesh. Straps: micro-fibre fabric

Hood: no hood, adjustable and foldable neck support

Adjustability: one size fits most, waist belt adjustment: 28-57 inches

The Beco Gemini Cool is exactly as the name suggests – COOL. Cool to use and cool to wear!

The fabric is very light; the panel is made up of “3D breathable mesh” and the straps of micro-fibre fabric. This combination makes it a much airier option compared to the standard Gemini and can pack up much smaller. It also has an SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection making it ideal for hot holiday destinations or warmer weather. 

The fabric also makes it one of the fastest drying carriers I have washed (and I’ve washed a lot of carriers!). So even in winter, when drying washing can be difficult and time consuming, your Gemini Cool carrier will still be dry and ready to use the next day! Or you get stuck in a rain shower? You’ll be surprised how quickly it dries! 

The adjustability of the carrier is simple, yet effective. The panel width has two settings – narrow and wide. Narrow is 6.5 inches and wide is 13 inches. It is adjusted by two simple poppers. The narrow setting is for newborn (from 7lb, no insert needed) and small babies and also forward facing, whilst the wide setting is then used as baby grows and for back carrying. 

There is no adjustment for the height of the panel. However, to get a good fit for newborns and smaller babies, you can place babe’s bottom up the panel slightly, therefore “shortening” the amount of panel coming up babe’s back. I have always been able to get a good fit for smaller babies using this method.

Below you can see the different panel settings being used and different carry positions; front carry with narrow setting with a small baby; forward facing with narrow setting with a larger baby and I also popped my 2.5 year old in a back carry! You can see he has just outgrown the panel height and his legs are no longer supported knee-to-knee, so a larger carrier would be much more comfortable for both of us.

The carrier offers both rucksack and cross strap options, with an attached chest strap, so you can’t lose or forget it. There are also two-way adjusters, which work well when back carrying as it allows you to either pull backwards to tighten or pull forwards. When front carrying, the adjusters require you to reach behind your back, whichever one you use. You either have to pull backwards or you have to reach back and pull down to tighten – not ideal if you have any flexibility issues. 

The waist belt is supportive, yet soft. At 4 inches wide it is fairly chunky, but is great if you don’t want to take the bulk of baby’s weight on your shoulders. 

The Gemini does not have a hood. However, it does have a very generous neck support. It folds down and can be secured into place by two poppers, giving babe some room to see, and can be extended up behind babe’s head using a buckle clip and can be adjusted to get the perfect support. This neck support is sufficient enough that an additional hood is not needed. 

To complete the carrier, there is a super handy pocket on the waist belt, big enough for keys and a mobile phone.

VERDICT: If you are after a light, easy to use and supportive baby carrier, which is great to use from newborn, the Beco Gemini Cool is an ideal choice.

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