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Carrier of the Month - Beco Toddler

By Susie Cooke, Babywearing Consultant, Helix Baby


Weight – from 20 to 60lb (approx 2 years to pre-school)

Positions – front inward facing and back carrying

Straps – cross and rucksack straps

Fabric: 100% cotton. Cool version: 100% polyester

Hood: detachable, adjustable hood

Adjustability: one size fits most, waist belt adjustment: 26-62 inches

The Beco Toddler carrier is a simple to use and fairly lightweight carrier for your big babies. It excels from 2 years right through to 4 years or more, dependant on the weight/height of your child. 

It’s simple to use, because there are no adjustments! The carrier panel is fixed, meaning no fiddly poppers or cinchers to change. It’s just an “Up and Go!” carrier! The flip side of that of course, means that it is a one size fits all. Your 2 year old will still be worn in the same size panel as when they are 4, for example. But does this really matter?

From the photos below, you can see the fit of the carrier on my 2 and 4 year olds. Both are being worn safely; the top of the panel comes up to at least armpit height and both fit at least knee-to-knee in the width of the panel too. However, it is comfort that can be somewhat compromised as your child gets bigger; as their legs grow, they protrude further out from either side of the panel. This means their weight isn’t so evenly distributed across the carrier and can potentially pull on your shoulders more.

In my personal experience, the older my children have got, they have needed to be carried less frequently and for shorter periods of time; when they can’t make it back to the car after a long walk, after a big day out, on the way home from school or just because you want them close and safe in a crowded place. So actually, I’ve never found carrying my older child “uncomfortable” in this carrier, because I’ve not done it for a long enough period of time to notice!

The carrier comes with a lovely chunky and supportive, yet soft, waist band. It has huge adjustability for the wearer from 26 to 62 inches, so this really is a carrier that can fit almost anyone.

The padded straps can be worn both crossed and rucksack style. This is particularly helpful if you are still wanting to front carry as I find a lot of people get a better fit across their back by crossing the straps, with this carrier. They have simple, one way adjusters and also Perfect Fit Adjusters at the shoulders, so even petite wearers can get a good fit.

The chest strap has a fair range of movement, so you can get the correct placement no matter what the size of the wearer. 

The carrier comes complete with a detachable hood, detachable zip pouch and also a handy Velcro pocket on the waist belt, perfectly sized for mobile phone, keys and essentials.

The standard and Cool versions are the same in structure, it is just the fabric that differs. The Cool version has a panel of breathable mesh and micro-fibre fabric on the straps/waist. It is most definitely a cooler and more breathable option and perfect for warmer summer months. It is also very quick drying and folds up smaller than the standard. It is also a perfectly good choice of carrier to use in winter months too!

VERDICT: If you are after a supportive carrier for your toddler, or for quick ups and carries for your pre-schooler’s tired legs, the Beco Toddler is a simple and budget friendly option.

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