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Carrier of the Month - The Boba Air

By Susie Cooke, Babywearing Consultant, Helix Baby


Weight – from 15 – 45lb (7 – 20kg)

Positions – front inward facing and back carrying

Straps – rucksack only

Fabric: 100% Nylon 

Hood: attached

Adjustability: waist belt adjustment from 26″ up to 58″

The Boba Air. I was skeptical about trying out this carrier. It promises to be lightweight, compact, cool, suitable up to 48 months old and all for a VERY affordable price!

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least!

My first thought was how supportive and comfortable the straps were, compared to what I was expecting! They are actually very substantial and padded yet still breathable and cool. They are basic rucksack straps only with one-way buckles and an attached chest strap that can adjust easily up and down. So really simple to use and you can’t lose the chest strap!

The fabric is 100% nylon. It’s so thin, it is definitely a cool option, even though there are 2 layers of the fabric. I also like the padding at the knee openings for baby, giving it a softer feel for little legs. 

Below is my 7 month old in a front carry.

He fits in the carrier very well; the panel sits right from one knee pit to the other. He is of average size for his age, even a little on the big side (9kg), so I would have to disagree with Boba when they suggest that this carrier can be used from 3 months upwards! The box says from 15lb/7kg, but there are no panel adjustments, so you shouldn’t use this carrier until babe can fit the panel knee to knee, as the photo above. I would suggest 6 months, perhaps 5 months and upwards is more realistic.  

The waist belt is made with the same 2 layers of nylon as the panel, with no padding. To me, it is more like an “apron style” carrier waist, making it very compact, but isn’t so supportive. It was absolutely fine when carrying my littlest in it, but when I put my 3 year old in, I could imagine it would get a little uncomfortable over a longer period of time. But having said that, my 3 year old does walk a lot now, so when we do carry, it is only for short stints! So again, I think Boba have been a little over-optimistic with their “up to 48 months”. It is weight tested to 45lb/20kg, which is HUGE. I can’t imagine carrying that much weight in this carrier at all! But I guess it’s helpful to know that my 5 year old (19kg) could be safely carried in it in an emergency!

The carrier itself weighs a mere 400g and packs up amazingly small. It even comes with its own integrated zip pocket! So when not in use, just roll up, zip up and go! The pocket is also very handy for keys/phone etc or rolling away the hood when in use. 

VERDICT: Simple, cool and surprisingly versatile. The Boba Air is a great budget option for warm days/holidays when you want a super lightweight/compact option instead of your usual sling. 

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