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Carrier of the Month - Boba Serenity Wrap

By Susie Cooke, Babywearing Consultant, Helix Baby


Weight – from 5 to 35lb (approx newborn – 2 years!)

Positions – front inward facing, infant hold

Straps – n/a

Fabric: 68% Viscose from Bamboo, 25% Cotton, 7% Spandex

Hood: n/a

Adjustability: one size fits all, perfect fit for everyone!

The Boba Serenity stretchy wrap is aptly named; the beautifully soft, squishy fabric and closeness that it gives you, really can provide a state of calm and peacefulness, both for you AND your baby!

I really do love a stretchy wrap. Not only are they are perfect for newborns, which I shall explain below, but they are SO versatile!

  • A stretchy wrap will fit ANYONE. Because it isn’t sized or fitted, it will fit any size and build of person perfectly! So it is easily shareable between members of the family.
  • You can pre-tie it and wear it all day, popping baby in and out when you need.
  • It also folds up pretty small, so will fit in your change bag or at the bottom of the buggy, ready for when you need it. 
  • It is easily washable and quick to dry, both of which are extremely important when you have a brand new baby to clear up after!

However, one draw back of a stretchy is that is can be warm. The Pocket Wrap Cross Carry that is commonly taught (as in the pictures and video below) uses 3 passes of fabric over baby which can sometimes be too hot over the summer months. But the Boba Serenity wrap is made of a bamboo blend fabric; its thin and breathable, yet still strong, super stretchy and easy to use. Making it ideal for a summer baby.

So what makes it a great sling for newborns?

  1. The fabric – it’s so soft and silky. There are no buckles or stiff material to dig into baby’s delicate skin. It is also weight tested from 5lb, one of the lowest available, so a great choice if you have a premie.
  2. The stretch – the Boba Serenity is a “2-way” stretchy wrap, which means is has a lot of stretch both ways. If you are a beginner, I find a 2-way stretchy much easier to guide a scrunched-up newborn into!
  3. It’s snug – being snuggled up to mum in a stretchy wrap, really does mimic being back in the womb! This gives baby security and comfort. 
  4. Great for family – the stretchy will fit anyone, so any member of the family can help carry baby and aid bonding. The less you wash it the better, as it will take on the carrier’s “scent”, which will be a calming and comforting, familiar smell to baby.

But the Boba Serenity isn’t JUST for newborns. The sling is weight tested up to a huge 35lb!

Now, I probably wouldn’t recommend that you go out for a brisk walk with your 2 year old in this sling! The lovely stretchiness it has makes it just too unsupportive for such a big baby to use for any distance. However, you really can’t beat a snuggly, stretchy wrap sofa cuddle if your little one is feeling under the weather! So although this is a sling that excels in the newborn stage and the first 6-12 months, it still has a place for our big babies too.

VERDICT: If you are having a spring/summer baby and want your hands free whilst still meeting the needs of your newborn, the Boba Serenity bamboo wrap is an ideal, cooler option.

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