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Carrier of the Month - Boba X

By Susie Cooke, Babywearing Consultant, Helix Baby


Weight – 7 – 45lb (approx 3 – 20kg)

Positions – front inward facing and back carrying

Straps – rucksack straps

Fabric: 100% cotton

Hood: detachable, medium sized, fold-away  

Wearer adjustability: waist belt adjustment 26-56 inches

The Boba X I think is a bit of an underestimated carrier; I haven’t sold that many of them to date, yet it has support, longevity and adjustability to get a really great fit throughout the first few years of baby’s life!

So, support. The waist of the Boba X is fairly chunky; nearly 5 inches wide, yet fairly soft, giving a comfortable, supportive fit. The wide waist belt doesn’t suit everyone, with some feeling like there is too much around their middle, but it really does take a lot of baby’s weight off your shoulders. 

The straps are really padded and soft. Again, although soft, some find they are particularly chunky, especially when carrying a newborn or smaller baby. However, these straps are particularly unique because they are curved! Boba have designed these straps specifically for using them in a rucksack style. They really do excel for comfort when back carrying or if you prefer rucksack straps when front carrying. The straps do have buckles which enable you to have the option to cross the straps too, but because of the curve in the strap, I’ve never really found it a good fit.

The Boba X is a “newborn to toddler” carrier to rival the likes of the Beco 8, Ergo Omni 360, Tula Free to Grow and others. It has a weight range of 7-45lb, so could actually be the only carrier you ever buy. What I like about the Boba X over many of the other brands, is the way it adjusts. Firstly, there is no fiddly, newborn insert needed. The waist has a Velcro, sliding adjustment to get a perfect knee-to-knee fit as baby grows. It also has one simple panel height adjuster each side, again, allowing you to get the perfect fit each time as baby grows. It even comes with additional panel extenders, which zip and Velcro on easily, which turns this carrier into a toddler carrier, making a huge difference to your and your child’s comfort as they get to the upper end of the weight range. You can see from the photo below, the additional panel extenders fit my 2.5year old very well, with loads of room for growth! 

The straps come with Perfect Fit Adjusters, which shorten the length of the strap at the top. This is great for getting a great fit for newborns/smaller babies but also if the wearer has a quite petite frame. The chest strap can also be easily adjusted along the strap so it can be positioned correctly no matter what size of the wearer. 

The hood is of medium size but with fairly long tabs, so you would still be able to reach behind to pop into place if you were back carrying. It rolls away neatly into a small zip pocket when not in use, which also then acts as a neck support! It can also be detached completely too, which is ideal when carrying newborns/small babies as it can be quite bulky behind their neck in the early stages. 

The one other thing to note about the Boba X is that it does not offer a “world facing” or “forward facing out” option. I get asked about this position a lot, and although safe for short periods of time when awake and alert, it shouldn’t be attempted until babe has good head control. I would even suggest to wait until they are strong enough to sit up unaided, by which time you are safe to start back carrying! So many parents find they by-pass this position all together.

The Boba X is available in many lovely colours and patterns and comes complete with a handy, smart-phone-sized pocket on the waist and little poppers on the straps for attaching keys etc. 

VERDICT: If you want a fairly simple carrier, with good support and giving you almost infinite adjustability for a great fit from newborn to toddler, then the Boba X could be it!

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