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Carrier of the Month - Lifft Stretchy Wrap

By Susie Cooke, Babywearing Consultant, Helix Baby


Weight – 2.5 – 15kg (5.5 – 33lb)

Positions – front inward facing

Straps – n/a

Fabric: 94% cotton, 6% elastane

Hood: n/a  

Wearer adjustability: One size fits all

If you know me, you’ll know I am very bias and LOVE a stretchy wrap! They are just perfect for newborn babies and wearers for so many reasons (read and download my leaflet “A guide to Babywearing” HERE for more information). And I especially love the Lifft stretchy wrap for it’s simplicity and quality.

Firstly, the Lifft is a “two-way” stretchy wrap. Stretchies differ in their “stretchiness”. Some only stretch if you pull the fabric vertically (called a “one-way” stretchy), and others (like the Lifft) stretch both vertically and horizontally (“two-way” stretchy). There are also wraps that have partial stretch one or both ways, and are described as “1.5-way” stretch or similar to reflect this.

A two-way stretchy is great for beginner wearers and newborns – they are easier to use than a one-way, and more forgiving for a first time user! However, the draw back of such a stretchy sling is that it can be shorter lived; it doesn’t offer so much support as a one-way, so depending on your activity, some parents find they want to move on to something more supportive from 3 months onwards.

The fabric of this stretchy wrap is so simple; it’s pretty much all cotton (94%) with a little touch of elastane (6%) to give it that stretch. It is perfectly soft and squishy for newborn baby’s delicate skin. What is great is that it is also fairly thin compared with some other brands. The commonly taught Pocket Wrap Cross Carry tie (as in the video and photo below) uses 3 passes of fabric over baby, which can feel pretty warm, so its a real benefit to have a slightly thinner fabric, especially during the summer or if you are one to feel the heat! 

The hem sewn around the wrap is very helpfully a different colour to the wrap. I’m sure this has been designed purposefully as it makes it so much easier to find the edges when wrapping up your baby. I even find it easier to use than a patterned or striped wrap.

So yes, the Lifft stretchy is great for newborns, as I keep saying. It has a lower weight limit of 2.5kg (5.5lb), so you are able to use it safely from day 1, even if you have a small baby (many brands start from 7lb). But it also has an upper limit of 15kg! Now, I probably wouldn’t recommend that you go out for a brisk walk with your 2 year old in this sling; the lovely stretchiness it has makes it just too unsupportive for such a big child to use for any distance. However, you really can’t beat a snuggly, stretchy wrap sofa cuddle if your little one is feeling under the weather! So although this is a sling that excels in the newborn stage and the first 6-12 months, it still has a place for our big babies too.

The beauty of a stretchy wrap is that it will fit anyone, of any size, perfectly! Because you tie the fabric around yourself for the perfect fit. It is also available in a short version, which is ideal for a petite wearer up to a ladies size 12, meaning a shorter and more manageable amount of fabric to tie. 

The Lifft stretchy wrap is available in simple, block colours, that will easily compliment any outfit. It also comes with a very affordable price tag (£40) compared to many other brands and types of slings on the market.

I am already using my Lifft stretchy to wrap my pregnancy bump and I can’t wait to be wrapping my newborn squish in it when they arrive!

VERDICT: New or expectant parent? The Lifft Stretchy wrap is perfect for any parent or caregiver looking for a simple and affordable way to carry and comfort their young baby.

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