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Carrier of the Month - Neko Switch Baby

By Susie Cooke, Babywearing Consultant, Helix Baby


Weight – 3.5 – 15 kg (approx 8 – 33lb)

Positions – front inward facing and back carrying

Straps – rucksack straps

Fabric: 100% bio-cotton woven wrap fabric

Hood: detachable, elasticated 

Wearer adjustability: waist belt adjustment 66 – 145cm (26-57 inches)

“Luxurious.” This was my thought when I tried a Neko Switch for the first time. Taking it out of the box brand new, the fabric was soft and floppy, like a quality, broken-in woven wrap. Lush! Exactly the feel you want if you are carrying your newborn baby.

As well as the snuggly fabric, it has other great features which make it an ideal option for newborn carrying.  It has been weight tested from 3.5kg (just under 8lb). It also has a fully adjustable panel, both in height (via two drawstrings each side) and width (via poppers on the waist belt), so you can get the perfect fit every time, from day 1 and as your baby grows. You can remove the hood, which can be a little bulky for small babies, as there is an elasticated adjuster at the top of the panel, which gives baby additional head/neck support instead. Finally, it has a double strap attachment system, meaning there are 2 ways to wear the shoulder straps, which I explain below.

Babies are born with completely curved spines. When carried in a buckle carrier with the normal “shoulder strap to mid-panel” attachments, there is a risk of over tightening these straps and putting pressure on baby’s spine. The Neko Switch also has a “shoulder to waist belt” attachment, for use from 0-6 months, so you can completely avoid this risk (see pictures below of both attachments being used). The additional buckles tidy neatly away when not in use.

The straps of the carrier are chunky and full of padding. There are Perfect Fit Adjusters at the top of each shoulder, which are great for getting a snug fit for baby and wearer, 2-way adjusters (so you can tighten the straps pulling forward or down your back) and an adjustable chest strap which you can slide up and down for comfort. The straps are well suited to wearing in a “rucksack” or “H” position, as there is a slight curve in them to follow the contour of your back. If you prefer to cross the straps, this is achievable, however not a perfect fit due to their curved shape (see pictures below). 

The straps, along with the chunky and stiff waist belt, make this a very supportive carrier for the wearer. I was able to wear my just 3 year old in a back carry comfortably. However, you can see (below) his legs hanging over the panel, so although it felt fine, a toddler carrier with a wider panel would be more comfortable for him!

I felt the Neko Switch has an overall “smaller” feel to other similar carriers, although there is some really great adjustability for both baby and the wearer. It is known that Neko carriers can be good for fitting more petite wearers. I also think this carrier excels in the early stages for baby too, offering a great fit to newborn and youngers babies.

To complete the carrier, it comes with matching strap/dribble pads and a woven fabric bag. The only problem you have is which beautiful design to pick!

VERDICT: If you want great fit, comfort and quality from newborn and beyond, the luxurious Neko Switch buckle carrier should definitely be considered. 

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