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Carrier of the Month - Scootababy

By Susie Cooke, Babywearing Consultant, Helix Baby


Weight – from 12 – 37lb (5.5 – 17kg)

Positions – hip and back carrying

Straps – unique stretchy, fleece shoulder

Fabric: 100% cotton (except shoulder) 

Hood: n/a

Adjustability: waist belt adjustment from 19″ (removing waist pad) up to 50″

“Unique” and “underestimated”. The Scootababy hip carrier is really unlike any others out there and I am still surprised at how few people have heard of it or have one!

Hip carrying is such a natural and instinctive way of carrying your baby. You pick them up and pop them on your hip without thinking. Especially at home when baby wants you but you have one hundred things you need to be getting on with!

If only there was a quick, easy and supportive carrier that you could use to comfort baby in this position AND get your hands back . . . . cue the SCOOTBABY!

The minimum weight for using the Scootababy is 12lb (5.5kg) and babe should have good head control before using it. This is usually around the 5 month old mark, although all babies are different! It is an ideal carrier if you are looking to move on from a stretchy wrap or other newborn sling, and want a bit more support.

This age is also associated with babies going through a “nosey” stage; they no longer want to permanently snuggle into their parents’ chest and are ready to start seeing the world! Many caregivers ask about forward or world-facing carriers at this time, but this position is only recommended for short periods (20-30 minutes) and only when babe is awake and alert, as it doesn’t give babe (or you!) as much support as other positions. It also gives no option for babe to snuggle in away from the world once they’ve had enough, so can become overstimulated. Carrying babe on your hip gives babe a much better view of the world, whilst also offering a more supportive position and the option for babe to snuggle in and sleep whenever they need. 

The Scootababy has a wide, sturdy and supportive waist belt with a removable waist pad. The panel is a fixed size, you cannot make it bigger or smaller and has no hood or additional neck support, so it’s important that you wait until babe is ready before using it (as above). It has a single shoulder strap that connects at the top of the panel each side, which you place over just one shoulder. This strap has super comfy, spreadable, stretchy fleece which cups over your shoulder and unique buckle adjusters that are easy to use one-handed.

One set up, this carrier can be put on (and taken off) in seconds! Making it an ideal choice for babes starting to walk and wanting up and down all the time, or for other short trips like to and from the car for the school run or shopping. 

For being called a hip carrier, the Scootababy is surprisingly versatile! Firstly, it can be used to carry babe on either hip, without any adjustments. So it doesn’t matter if you and your partner (or any other caregiver) prefer to carry on different sides. You can also wear it with babe on your front facing inward and also for back carrying!

It can also a great option for tandem carrying. Whether you want to carry twins or two siblings, you can wear two Scootababy carriers at the same time. This can be done with one on each hip or one on the front and one on the back (see photos below). 

The longevity of this carrier can vary, of course, depending on how fast your child grows. The upper weight limit is 37lb (17kg), which is the average weight of a 4 or 5 year old (!). So your child will most likely out grow this carrier by height/size first, rather than weight.  For context, my 3.5year old is 10kg and you can see he still fits fine in the carrier in the photos above, but he is nearing the upper limit of comfort!

The Scootababy offers a similar carrying experience to a ring sling. So in case you are in two minds about which to choose, here are a couple of points:

  1. The Scootababy is easier to use initially. A ring sling can be tricky to master if you are a baby wearing beginner.
  2. The Scootababy takes more of babe’s weight through your waist, due to the waist belt. A ring sling has all babe’s weight over your shoulder and across your back.
  3. However, a ring sling can be worn whilst pregnant because of its lack of waist belt.
  4. A ring sling can come in many different types of fabric and patterns. The Scootababy comes in a limited amount of patterns.
  5. The Scootababy is slightly more bulky. A ring sling is very compact and will fit easily in any change/hand bag.

If you’d like to know more about ring slings, read my blog on the beautiful Melliapis Ring Sling, also available in my online shop.

VERDICT: The Scootababy hip carrier is easy to use, super quick and supportive, giving your babe a view of the world and your indecisive toddler speedy ups and downs when needed!

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