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COVID-19 update - helix baby is still open! 20 march 2020

Now more than ever, a sling could really come in handy.

Whether you are stuck at home isolating or one of our AMAZING “critical workers” helping us get through this unique and worrying situation, Helix Baby is still OPEN! Selling slings and accessories and offering online consultations via Zoom. 

A sling could help you:

  • look after your youngest whilst you have the other siblings home from school to also entertain/feed/support/etc,
  • keep your child close when you have to go out and about, so you can stay the safe “social distancing” 2m away from others,
  • if you are now working longer hours, using a sling whilst you are at home is a great way to reconnect/bond with your child, help them feel more secure and encourages sleep.

If you are wanting a sling/carrier during the UK isolation/lockdown period, I am still offering postal delivery on all items in my shop, or if I have the product in stock here, you can do a doorstep pick up. I am also offering a FREE FITTING online consult with every sling/carrier purchase via Zoom. 

If you need further support using or choosing a sling/carrier, firstly have a look at my TUTORIALS video page. You may find the information you need there. If not, I am also offering online consults via Zoom at the cost of £5 per 15 minutes.  

Please get in touch!

Stay safe and stay babywearing x