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lockdown 3.0 & maternity leave!

Lockdown 3.0. A quick update.  

So here we are again in lockdown, only this time I have 3 babies!!

I’m not going to lie, THIS IS TOUGH! Home schooling the eldest, toddler needing to do everything the eldest wants to do, and the 2 month old is just fitting in . . . . because he has to!

We’ve just had an announcement that schools will be closed until at least 8th March, most likely longer, but we are waiting for the “plan of action” from Boris and Co on 22nd February.

So, not surprisingly, I will not be offering online consultations until the kids go back to school at the very least. I just can’t offer a professional or coherent (!) service with the children all here with me. I’m sure you all understand and are most likely in similar circumstances too!

I have also, unfortunately, had a delay in setting up and launching my online video workshops, due to Covid-19. I am hopeful that these will be finished and available to you via my website soon, and I shall keep you all up to date as soon as I know when this is likely to be. 

MY ONLINE SHOP IS STILL OPEN! So please do shop local and support small business if you can! Please share my shop with anyone you think needs some help/advice about babywearing or is in need of a sling/carrier.

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I am still trying to do my Facebook Live demos and answering as many of you as I can via messenger, email and Facebook. So please do keep in touch or get in touch if you are struggling and need help. I am also still posting as much as I can via my Facebook group Helix Baby Babywearing Chat & Fun so do join the group for hints, tips, videos and general troubeshooting help and to chat with other like-minded parents!

Helix Baby Babywearing Chat & Fun 

Stay safe and stay babywearing x