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Carry of the Month - The BOBA 4GS carrier

By Susie Cooke, Babywearing Consultant, Helix Baby


Weight – from 7lb to 45lb (included infant insert should be used from 7 to approx. 15lb)

Positions – front inward facing and back carrying

Straps – rucksack only (curved for comfort)

Fabric: 100% cotton

Hood: removable, medium sized

Adjustability: one size fits most, waist belt adjustment: 25″- 58″.

This carrier is ALWAYS packed in my bag for a back carrying consultation or workshop. I think it really comes into its own from approximately 6 months onwards and is great for back carrying!

The Boba 4Gs is SIMPLE. It has a fixed sized panel. Only with the use of the infant insert (included) should it me used for a newborn or smaller baby (Boba recommend using it up until 15lb). Your baby needs to fit the panel width at least “knee-to-knee” before removing the insert. Some people find using an insert to be a bit fiddly and there are definitely some more snuggly and better fitting options to use for a newborn.

The time that babe becomes big enough for this carrier without the insert, can be anything from approximately 5-8 months in age. I have found that this time often coincides with the caregiver wanting to either move on from a stretchy to something more supportive, or wanting to back carry, or both; the Boba 4Gs can fit the bill for both and offers an upper weight limit of 45lb! 

The rucksack fixed straps again are SIMPLE! Easy to adjust and just one quick, chest strap buckle to click to get babe in and out. Also, the curve in the straps gives a better fit and arguably more comfort compared to other carriers that offer both cross and rucksack strap options.  

VERDICT: This carrier is ideal and budget friendly to the caregiver wanting a quick, simple and supportive front and back carrying option for babe approximately 6 months old through to toddlerhood.

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